What are the steps to become a Skills-Based Organization?

Isabelle Bichler
Reading Time: 2 minutes
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Our previous post discussed the key benefits of transformation into a skills-based organization, including agility, adaptability, talent optimization, employee engagement and DEI support. So how does an enterprise make the shift to an SBO model?

Here are five key steps:

  1. Skills Assessment. An enterprise’s first step is determining which skills are already in its workforce. A comprehensive skills inventory can be built using skills assessment tools, self-assessment questionnaires, and feedback mechanisms to capture the diverse skill sets present within the organization.
  2. Skills Mapping. Next, HR leaders need to identify the critical skills required for each role and project within the organization, mapping the existing employee skills against these requirements to identify skill gaps and potential opportunities for upskilling or reskilling.
  3. Skills Development. To engage employees in the process, enterprises need to create a culture of continuous learning and skill development, offering training programs, mentoring opportunities, and access to relevant resources. HR leaders can then encourage employees to take ownership of their skills development and provide avenues for them to showcase their skills within the organization.
  4. Skills-Based Hiring and Talent Mobility. Transitioning to an SBO model needs buy-in across the board, meaning hiring practices must focus on skills rather than traditional job titles, skills-based assessments and interviews are used to identify best-fit candidates, and employees are empowered to move across teams and projects based on their skill sets and interests.
  5. Technology Enablement. Leveraging Responsible AI-driven HR technologies can facilitate skills tracking, mapping, and matching at scale. Enterprises must invest in tools that allow employees to showcase their skills, create skill-based profiles, and connect with others via an internal talent marketplace.

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