The most effective generative AI-driven talent intelligence platform on the market.

Your workforce challenges are as unique as your business. The Responsible AI-powered, skills-centric solution from leverages the most robust skills taxonomy available, integrating external data points with internal skills information to reveal data-driven, workforce skills insights specific to your organization and business objectives.

Harnessing the potential of AI to empower people is what we do.

We believe in the power of responsible, generative AI to help employees find the path to limitless professional growth – while enabling companies of all sizes to respond quickly to a changing business landscape. Data-driven skills intelligence provides the blueprint for better hiring decisions, agile internal mobility planning and a stronger, more engaged workforce.

Skills-driven, unbiased intelligence

When connecting the right people to the right positions, skills are at the center of everything. Credentials and pedigree can only tell you so much, so our game-changing Talent Intelligence Platform uses competency-based assessments to help you get a clearer understanding of each employee’s knowledge, skills, qualifications and personal attributes. These four facets form the capabilities genome, which drives our recommendations and business insights.

Data-driven, game-changing algorithms

Our skills taxonomy is comprised of billions of data points populating our one-of-a-kind labor market database. Semantic analysis machine learning means our platform goes beyond keywords to distinguish key nuances, improving employee-role skills match. lets you accurately forecast looming skills gaps, upskill teams quickly, and spot emerging sector trends and opportunities using our advanced skills-centric solution.

One central skills-focused nerve center

Unlock actionable workforce intelligence by breaking down limiting silos, unifying skills language, and cross-comparing your organization’s data business goals and industry predictions. Our Talent Intelligence Platform uses competency-based assessments to help you get a clearer understanding of each employee’s knowledge, skills, qualifications and personal attributes. Make better workforce decisions based on science, not hunches.

360º solution for the full talent lifecycle

Make data-driven decisions from hire to retire. Our AI-powered Talent Intelligence platform collects and synthesizes data from pre-hire planning and requirement mapping, through talent acquisition and employee assessment, to performance management, employee development, and (re)training. Integrate with your existing applicant tracking, talent, and learning management systems.

Global Skills Taxonomy has created a global skills taxonomy that is more precise, robust, and actionable than any other in the market. Based on over 300 million job descriptions from a myriad of publicly available sources, we aggregated and analyzed more than 1.5 billion data points from industry, census, public/private, social media, compensation, and learning course data sources to determine the best skills–not just qualifications–for each position, empowering our customers with the most up-to-date skills information available at all times to inform the best hiring decisions.

Responsible AI

The ultimate aim of Responsible AI is to reduce the risk of unintended bias. To understand how this works, and to adjust for accuracy over time, it’s critical to have transparency throughout the process. Our fully explainable, white box solution provides a full end-to-end view of an AI system’s functionality, enabling system users to see and understand its data output as well as the methodology behind the results.

Increase ROI with talent intelligence

Gaining a deeper understanding of the existing skill sets within your organization and what the future will require enables HR leaders to support successful internal talent career trajectories. The Talent Intelligence Platform has helped organizations achieve a 57% increase in internal mobility, a 30% increase in employee retention, and a 27% acceleration in upskilling – dramatic advantages in the battle for top talent.

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