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Your workforce challenges are as unique as your business. The AI-powered, skills-centric, responsible Talent Intelligence Platform from integrates billions of internal and external data points to reveal fact-based talent intelligence specific to your organization.

Problem-solving and AI are in our DNA.

We believe in the power of responsible AI to solve crucial DE&I initiatives, solve the looming skills gap and help employees become better prepared to take on the future. A data-driven Talent Intelligence Platform unlocks a new advantage in the War for Talent to help your organization hire, retain and develop a stronger, more engaged workforce.

Data-driven, game-changing fairness algorithms

Explainable, white-box artificial intelligence is the core of our platform. Showcasing how and why our platform arrives at the actionable insights it provides means you can feel confident in the data you receive. In contrast to “black box” solutions where even the AI designer can not explain how the results are generated, gives you the confidence, knowledge and insights to how your data is delivered.

Real-time labor and market data

Billions of local and global data points populate our one-of-a-kind labor market database. Understanding your workforce trends against real-time labor market data, you can make actionable, data-driven decisions. Use our advanced Talent Intelligence Platform to accurately forecast looming skills gaps, upskill your teams quickly and spot emerging sector trends and opportunities.

Skills-centric, unbiased approach

When connecting the right people to the right positions, skills are at the center of everything. Credentials and pedigree can only tell you so much, so our game-changing skills-centric Talent Intelligence Platform uses competency-based assessments to help you get a clearer understanding of each employee’s knowledge, skills, qualifications and personal attributes. These four facets form the capabilities genome which drives our recommendations and business insights.

360º solution for the full talent lifecycle

Make data-driven decisions from hire to retire. Our AI-powered Talent Intelligence Platform collects and synthesizes data from pre-hire planning and requirement mapping, through talent acquisition and employee assessment, to performance management and employee development and (re)training. Integrate with the other applicant tracking, talent and learning management systems you’re already using.

Global network of top-tier training opportunities

Give your employees the skills they need to thrive in a changing labor landscape. We provide access to our network of top-tier educational partners, identify personalized training pathways and recommend and prioritize the most effective ways to retrain employees. A proactive approach to upskilling your staff delivers measurable results, future-proofing your business by prompting sustainable business growth.

Enhance Diversity, Equity and Inclusion efforts

Responsible AI improves your talent management decisions by relying on data to reduce bias. Increase your resilience and competitive advantage by hiring a more diverse workforce. A diverse soft skills base unlocks fresh perspectives, boosts creativity and helps you create better products and services. The Talent Intelligence engine focuses on person-job fit using role requirements, skills maps and dynamic employee profiles, including assessments and productivity data.

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We believe in the power of responsible AI to help connect the right people to the right jobs. Get to know the technology experts who are helping the world prepare for the jobs of the future, now.

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