Recruit more effectively

Improve efficiency and accuracy in your recruiting efforts by using our AI-powered platform to eliminate manual CV reviews and identify skilled candidates faster. Cut time and cost to hire while making better applicant-role matches.

If you struggle to:

Shorten hiring times

Is your team overwhelmed trying to review hundreds of CVs for every open role? Our AI-powered platform can identify best-fit candidates in a fraction of the time so recruiters can spend more time on facetime with prospective employees.

Make technology work for you

Siloed applications don’t operate in sync, creating frustration rather than efficiency. Connecting solutions within a single source of truth saves time and energy, enabling a more harmonious HR system overall.

74% of recruiting professionals would like to automate repetitive tasks so they can focus on more strategic work.

Source helps:

Cut time per hire

With, placements are made faster so your entire business can run more efficiently. By eliminating manual review processes and honing in on the right candidates more quickly, our platform frees up your team to focus on servicing clients and finding new business.

Streamline your processes seamlessly integrates with your applicant tracking system, recruitment tools and other HR tech tools. Instead of taking a ‘rip and replace’ approach, you can keep the solutions you rely on and enhance them with our platform.

Why choose the Talent Intelligence Platform

Self-assessments to engage and empower candidates

Data-driven algorithms built on Responsible AI

Generative AI capabilities

Skills-centric bias mitigation to support DEI efforts

Success for Recruiters

A global healthcare group operating in 23 countries with over 65,000 employees needed to fill talent pools with qualified candidates and quickly identify best-fit candidates for open roles. helped them increase the ideal candidate pool and decrease time-to-hire by 55%.


Ready Or Not: 3 Points To Consider As Generative AI Tools Rush To Market

In this session, Co-founder and CEO Dr. Shay David and Chief Research Officer Ben Eubanks of Lighthouse Research discuss how organizations can build a mutually beneficial path forward for valued talent.


Find the Right Fit for Your Clients

To identify and hire the best talent more quickly, try out the platform.

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