Optimize your workforce with an AI-powered talent management software platform.

Retain employees longer, fuel career satisfaction and increase productivity with a talent management platform that pairs your employees with the best-fit career opportunities in your organization.

Retain and develop the right talent for the future

Our software for talent management uses responsible AI to automatically skills-map your workforce, giving you the power to understand the current skills of your organization, identify areas of opportunity for upskilling and reskilling while connecting your people to stimulating open roles and optimal career pathways.


Effectively, our talent management platform increases internal mobility, retention, and employee engagement.

  • Increase internal mobility by 57%
  • Increase retention by 30%
  • Increase employee engagement by 62%

See how organizations are leveraging our responsible AI platform to address talent challenges.


Talent management to future-proof your business

The war for talent is still raging and becomes more intense each day. Get ahead by managing your organization’s existing talent with not just retention but optimization. Our AI-powered platform easily integrates with your existing HCM, ATS, TA, and L&D platforms so you can capitalize on your internal data to match current talent with roles and opportunities to keep them challenged, motivated, and engaged.


Watch how retrain.ai can actively engage employees in career development

eBook: In the Zone: Upskilling, Reskilling, and Empowering Employees to Thrive

Today’s workers are selective, forward-focused and nearly inundated with options as job openings continue to outpace job seekers.

Despite how it sounds, this is good news for organizations willing to learn what makes their employees tick, keep them challenged in fulfilling ways, and provide tangible steps toward career growth.


Inject more wisdom into your workforce planning.

Enhance your decision-making and build the workforce of the future with with responsible, AI-driven talent intelligence. Schedule your demo today.