AI-powered HR supercharges the process of putting the right people in the right roles--and keeping them there.

Gain a competitive edge and weather industry ups and downs by developing a more resilient workforce today. The Talent Intelligence platform and the AI behind it help industries in every vertical address today’s unique challenges and prepare for what’s ahead.

Strengthen and future-proof your organization using data-driven insights.

The AI-powered Talent Intelligence platform from identifies the skills your workforce has today, the skills they need for the future and the right learning and career paths to get them there.


Today’s healthcare organizations are facing unprecedented challenges in attracting and retaining the right people. Long hours, front-line employee shortages and employee burnout put resource-strapped healthcare staff under even more strain. The shift to telemedicine adds another layer of complexity as employees incorporate new technologies into an already busy workflow. AI-powered Talent Intelligence helps your organization predict which skills will be most useful in the future so you can sharpen your focus, identifying and training your existing talent for the healthcare roles of tomorrow.


Many traditional positions in banking, finance and payments are becoming obsolete as financial institutions find new ways to accommodate consumer demands for convenience, visibility and access. Financial institutions must rethink how they utilize great employees as operations shift from in-person customer service to online, self-service tools. They must also restrategize how to attract the right talent in a competitive marketplace. Competition from top technology employers and slow gains on DEI initiatives create the risk of falling behind on developing a diverse, resilient workforce. Tap into the power of AI for HR to bring on the right talent and keep them around longer by matching them with appropriate career paths and ensuring they have the skills they need to succeed.


Gain an advantage in the war for talent and overcome talent shortages caused by the Great Resignation by upskilling current employees. Retain key talent longer through active engagement in personalized learning and development plans. The Talent Intelligence platform helps technology companies capitalize on employees’ current skills while extendingmlong-term career path trajectories and bringing on new talent with the skills and diversity to tackle tomorrow’s technology challenges.


As the most experienced talent retires, manufacturing organizations face a knowledge loss and growing skills gap. At the same time, skilled talent in today’s marketplace is a hot commodity with enough options to be selective. Meanwhile, increased automation and new manufacturing and logistics technologies are transforming how businesses create products and deliver them to customers. Today’s employees are being left behind and companies without a future-ready workforce can lose market share to more nimble competitors. AI for HR in manufacturing helps you talent-map your existing workforce so you can track capabilities unlikely to be found on a resume. With an eye on emerging practices, you can plan to upskill your existing workforce to protect against displacement and compensate for shifting skill sets. From heavy manufacturing to consumer packaged goods to pharmaceuticals, the AI-powered Talent Intelligence platform keeps employees working and supply chains running smoothly.


Increasing automation, the popularity of online shopping and being part of an industry historically known for high turnover means retailers are facing a perpetual talent shortage. Keeping quality employees around longer makes good business sense—but can be a challenge when skilled individuals don’t always see a clear path to upward mobility. We help retailers retain great employees longer by revealing opportunities for reskilling, upskilling and charting satisfying career paths. Using a skills-centric approach, the platform helps HR leaders prepare for the future by providing auto-generated, tailored learning and development programs for every employee.

Governments and Nonprofits

Uncovering which jobs and skills will be most in demand in the future has a direct impact on the direction and development of communities, cities, and nations. Governmental organizations, nonprofits, and NGOs dedicated to vocational training rely on quality talent intelligence to shape public policy on education, training and economic development. The platform draws on multitudes of external data sources such as job boards, labor market reports and other publicly available information. By aggregating and analyzing national and global job market data, our system precisely predicts future employment trends, enabling organizations to accurately plan and talent match at scale.

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