Statement on Human Rights

Statement on Human Rights in the Workplace

Our Commitment to Ethical Business Practices is committed to ethical business practices, including the support and respect of human rights and personal dignity. This commitment extends from within our organization to any others connected to our business.

We strive to ensure the solutions we provide are sourced and delivered in a way that considers all internationally recognized human rights, including the right to freely choose employment without the influence of force or unethical practices. holds a zero-tolerance stance against the use of any forced labor or human trafficking in any form, including our own operations or value chain.

To that end, we assess every potential partner of our organization, as well as supply chain contributors, to identify elements that might contradict our commitment to equality, dignity, human rights and fairness. In addition, our employees who are in a position to spot signs of modern slavery or trafficking are taught how to do so. Finally, as an international organization, proactively engages with local stakeholders in various geographic locations to better understand their operating landscape and any potential risks of worker exploitation.


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Last Updated: 3 May 2023