Talent Intelligence Platform Success Stories

See how the retrain.ai talent intelligent platform has helped enterprise organizations across multiple industries cut hiring time by 55%, increase retention by 30%, and accelerate upskilling by 27%.

Increased the ideal candidate pool and decreased time-to-hire by 55%.
Global Healthcare Group

A global healthcare group operating in 23 countries with over 65,000 employees and more than 1,100 medical facilities, living residences and home care services.

The Problem
Filling talent pools with qualified candidates and being able to quickly find the candidates that best match with open positions.

Our Solution
  • A custom career shapers platform allowing potential candidates to answer questions about themselves, link past job experiences and certification to intelligently match them to the open positions that best fit their skills.
  • Increasing the ideal candidate pool, decreasing hiring time significantly and increasing employee retention over the first 6 months of employment.
Improved retention by 30% over the first 6 months of employment.
Enterprise Security Company

An international organization with more than 18,000 employees and more than 6,900 employees in the IT and Engineering roles.

The Problem
They are in need of IT and engineering roles skills mapping. They tried to do it manually with little success and they are looking to find the top talent for each group of positions

Our Solution
  • A platform that allows recruiters to quickly identify the top candidates, engage them and intelligently match them to the open positions that best fit their skills.
  • Increasing their ideal candidate pool, decreasing hiring time and increasing employee retention over the first 6 months of employment.
Accelerated training and upskilling by 27%, helping to improve employee retention and productivity.
Insurance Group

About Insurance
A large insurance group in Israel with 6,000 employees.

The Problem
They are facing several challenges such as war for talent, high attrition and lack of career path for the employees. The talent acquisition process is very long and inefficient.

Our Solution
  • Mapping the hard and soft skills of the employees.
  • Identifying and connecting the right and diverse talent to the right positions.
  • Connecting employees to career pathways and the right training opportunities.
Created a talent wizard, making engaging with candidates easier and improving matching skills to openings.
Global Consumer Goods Retailer

A global consumer goods retailer, with both ecommerce and brick and mortar stores, employing over a million people in the U.S. alone.

The Problem
The retailer is looking to continue its growth and believes that understanding the skills mapping is critical for them to develop and hire the right people. As skills change, they need a more precise way of measuring skill gaps and providing learning to upskill employees.

Our Solution
  • Using the Role Builder to clarify relevant tasks and skills for jobs.
  • Map skills and career development for employees, while future-proofing the organization through skill gap analysis.
  • Creating a talent wizard that will make it easier to engage candidates and do a better job of matching skills to openings.
Decreased the time to hire and developed customized learning path from skills gap analysis.
Large Commercial Bank

A U.S.-based commercial bank with over 6,000 employees nationwide.

The Problem
Their current technology does not give any insights into skills across the organization. This makes it challenging to create learning paths, and they are competing for one of the most sought-after talent pools, forcing them to upskill current employees to meet demands.

Our Solution
  • Mapping roles, and skills to analyze the largest areas of risk across the bank.
  • Developing career paths and customized learning from skills gap analysis.
  • Using our integration with their talent acquisition software to help their team quickly connect with highly skilled individuals and decrease the time to hire.

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