Hire the right people with a talent acquisition platform driven by AI.

Finding and retaining the right people has never been more challenging. Our talent acquisition platform leverages responsible AI to help you hire the right, diverse employees with the skills, career goals, and long-term potential to stay with your company.

Talent Aquisition Solutions

In a competitive market, attracting quality candidates and filling open roles is an ongoing challenge. With the average position taking nearly six weeks to fill, each vacancy is costing your business money. Talent acquisition software powered by responsible AI provides you with the most accurate, skills-based candidate matching available.

Skills-based candidate matching cuts costs and time to hire

The retrain.ai talent acquisition platform uncovers each candidate’s skills and aptitudes, ranks their skills match to your open roles and connects them to positions where they can grow. Our talent acquisition platform enables enterprises to:

  • Cut time per hire by 55%
  • Boost acceptance rate by 45%
  • Increase candidate pool diversity by 39%

See how organizations are leveraging our responsible AI platform to find quality candidates.


AI-powered talent acquisition software increases the diversity of your candidate pool

Our responsible AI driven software helps you make unbiased recruiting and hiring decisions. The platform supports your DEI goals by breaking down candidate profiles into skills while masking titles, degrees, or other factors that can introduce potential bias. Accurately pair candidates to best-fit positions to cut time to hire and build a skilled, diverse, future-proofed workforce.


Watch how retrain.ai can help you hire the right people faster and retain them longer.

Buyer's Guide to Talent Intelligence Platforms

Download the Buyer’s Guide before you start vetting Talent Intelligence vendors to learn:

  • What TI means and why a talent intelligence platform is so crucial for talent acquisition
  • How AI is making an impact
  • Why Responsible AI is crucial
  • The value of a talent intelligence platform to Talent Acquisition leaders and recruiters

Inject more wisdom into your workforce planning.

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