Buyer’s Guide to Talent Intelligence Platforms

Your guide to asking the right questions and choosing the best talent intelligence solution for your enterprise.


Hiring, upskilling, reskilling, and retaining the right people is no longer just a human resources function – it’s a company-wide function. In this guide, you’ll discover the essential features of talent intelligence and the questions you should ask any vendor before making a decision.


Download the Buyer’s Guide before you start vetting talent intelligence vendors to learn:

  • What talent intelligence means and why a talent-intelligence platform is so crucial
  • How AI is impacting talent intelligence
  • Why Responsible AI is so critical
  • Questions to ask your internal teams and key power users
  • What to ask any intelligence platform provider
  • The value of a platform in talent acquisition and talent management


Does your organization need a talent management solution that treats each employee as an individual rather than a role or title?


A Talent Intelligence Platform enables your business to leverage the power of Responsible AI and your team’s industry expertise to find, hire, retain, and best utilized the skills of each person in your company.


With the advancement and incorporation of AI, it can be difficult to truly understand what makes one platform different from the next. In this guide, you get the resources you need to determine what is needed most at your enterprise and which platform is the best fit for your company.


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