Talent Intelligence Built With Responsible AI

We’ve cracked the science of finding (and keeping) the right people.

Use the retrain.ai Talent Intelligence Platform to cut time-per-hire by 55% and increase retention by 30%. Hire smarter, retain longer, and develop your workforce with a fully-integrated, data-driven solution.

What Can You Gain from retrain.ai?

Reduction in Time to Hire
Increase in Retention
Acceleration in Upskilling
Boost in Engagement
Increase in Internal Mobility

Make Data-Driven Decisions from Hire Through Retire

Hire Smarter - Cut hiring time by 55%.

Use your existing data and our external data sources to map internal employees and external candidates to your open roles based on their skills match. Giving you real-time, actionable and unbiased insights for more strategic hiring.

Retain Longer - Increase retention by 30%

Keep the right talent longer with tailored and auto-generated career pathing. Helping employees understand their futures, and helping you future-proof your organization.

Develop Your Talent - Accelerate upskilling by 27%

Customize your learning and development programs to each and every employee to ensure they continue to grow and nurture the skills they need today and the skills you’ll need for the future.

Transform data into information and knowledge.

Collecting data isn’t the problem. Decoding what that data means? That’s another story. Our world-class, responsible AI-driven talent intelligence platform rests atop your existing HCM technology, learning as it goes. Synthesizing your company data with the world’s most comprehensive industry datasets enables you to move from merely managing talent to making the most of your workforce.

See How We’re Different

AI is disrupting the labor market. We think that’s a good thing.

Artificial intelligence has the power to put people out of jobs—or maximize human potential. Teaching machines how to determine where human talent will thrive and uncover the skills they’ll need to succeed is the best use of artificial intelligence for the world’s labor market. We started retrain.ai to build a stronger workforce for tomorrow, starting today.

Our Story

eBook: Flattening the Unemployment Curve

Employee reskilling and upskilling are essential: but tackling massive workforce change—efficiently and at scale—seems like an impossible task.

Dr. Shay David, CEO of retrain.ai, outlines a pragmatic, data-supported vision for strengthening the workforce of tomorrow, starting now.

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