Stay ahead of retail staffing needs

Regular turnover is a big challenge in the retail industry. It’s also costly and difficult to manage. can help you streamline processes to make hiring a better experience for everyone, bringing in new talent when you need it most.

If you struggle to:

Reduce turnover

For candidates, the retail industry is a popular place to look for short-term work. But as a business owner, you want to find and keep retail employees who are looking for longer-term opportunities within your company.

Attract applicants

Enticing quality applicants to fill retail positions can be a significant hurdle. can help you expand your talent pool and expedite the hiring process so you can staff up quickly and avoid burnout in your current employees.

Retail and hospitality have the highest quit rate of any industry, with turnover remaining at or above 60% for years.

Source helps:

Retain retail staff

Some turnover is inevitable, but helps you hang on to employees by revealing upskilling and development pathways that can help them grow.

Boost your applicant pool

Attract more skilled candidates by tapping into more active and passive prospects. Simplify the application process and present alternative processes like mobile app self-assessments or QR code job applications.

Why choose the Talent Intelligence Platform

Self-assessments to engage and empower candidates

Data-driven algorithms built on Responsible AI

Generative AI capabilities

Skills-centric bias mitigation to support DEI efforts

Success for Retailers

Global Consumer Goods Retailer employs over a million people in the U.S. alone. With, they mapped relevant skills to career development pathways within their organization. They were able to more easily engage candidates and match skills to openings.

Vidcast: Keep Your Best People Longer with Opportunities to Thrive

In this session, Co-founder and CEO Dr. Shay David and Chief Research Officer Ben Eubanks of Lighthouse Research discuss how organizations can build a mutually beneficial path forward for valued talent.

Build Reliable Teams

If you want to attract, retain, and reskill workers in the retail industry, take a test run of our platform.

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