Skills Architecture

The secret to succeeding in today’s ever-changing talent landscape comes down to one word: Skills. Those your workforce has, those it lacks, and how to bridge the gap between the two.

Becoming a Skills-Based Organization

To make the best decisions around hiring, internal mobility, succession planning and skills development, an enterprise must first become a skills-based organization. The Skills Architecture module enables this transformation by:

  • 1
    Establishing a unified, centralized skills language across teams
  • 2
    Uncovering and validating what skills are currently present within your workforce
  • 3
    Analyzing skills data to create a heat map of organizational strengths and gaps
  • 4
    Informing accurate forecasting for a skilled, agile, resilient workforce
  • 5
    Enabling a Build, Borrow or Buy approach to shifting or scaling teams as needed

Skills-based organizations are:

more likely to anticipate change and respond effectively
more likely to retain high-performing employees
more likely to achieve HR business objectives
more likely to innovate

Setting an SBO in Motion

Constructing a detailed skills framework is the first step in building an SBO. Next, powers your SBO transformation through four strategic phases:


Unification: Collect, organize and categorize HR data from internal systems to create a personalized skills catalog


Benchmarking: Compare skills data to market trends, perform a skills gap analysis and adjust workforce strategy accordingly


MeasurementUse data-driven insights to measure success over time and inform ongoing strategy


Action: Utilize skills data in day-to-day HR operations to shape talent acquisition / hiring decisions and internal mobility planning

How It Works’s Skills Architecture eliminates the need to manually track, develop and manage your employees’ skills information. Our Machine Learning models assess all of your organization’s jobs through the lens of skills to establish a unified language and job architecture.


Using ethical AI, then delivers normalized, actionable employee data to fuel better business decisions around:


  • Hiring
  • Project and team staffing
  • Internal mobility
  • Learning & Development strategies
  • Employee career planning
  • Team collaboration

Inject more wisdom into your workforce planning.

To find out how can help you build a robust, granular Skills Architecture for your organization, schedule a personalized walk-through of our platform today.