Hire, retain & develop your employees with our AI-powered talent intelligence platform.

retrain.ai is the leading Talent Intelligence Platform, powered by responsible AI. Analyzing universal real-time labor market data against local company data, you can acquire, develop and retain diverse talent from hire to retire.

Connect the right people to the right positions.

The retrain.ai Talent Intelligence Platform helps you hire the right people in half the time and keep them significantly longer, using AI that transforms your HR tech stack from systems of record to a unified system of intelligence.

Our responsible-AI powered platform helps you:

  • Improve your internal & external candidate pool by 47% 
  • Increase your talent pool diversity by 39%
  • Speed candidate profiling and matching by 55%
  • Reduce attrition by 30%
  • Identify future in-demand skills
  • Improve business efficiency

Talent Management

Connecting employees with challenging, stimulating positions in your organization increases their career satisfaction and keeps them with your company longer.

Our sophisticated matching engine automatically connects talent with the right skills to your open roles and career pathways, enabling you to:

  • Increase internal mobility by 57%
  • Increase retention by 30%
  • Increase employee engagement by 62%

Talent Acquisition

Bring on employees with the skills, career goals and long-term potential to stay with your company. The retrain.ai Talent Intelligence Platform uncovers each candidate’s skills and aptitudes, connecting them to in-demand positions where they’ll have room to grow, while also reducing biases that can derail DEI efforts.

Retrain.ai’s responsible AI-powered skills-based candidate matching enables enterprises to:

  • Cut time per hire by 55%
  • Boost acceptance rate by 45%
  • Increase candidate pool diversity by 39%

Learning & Development

Maximize each employee’s contributions and keep them with your company longer. The retrain.ai Talent Intelligence platform uses AI to create personalized learning and development pathways, helping your employees sharpen their current skill sets while ensuring they’re prepared for the future evolution of their careers. Our vast library of effective enterprise training programs helps employees acquire valuable new skills without experiencing a jarring transition. Instead, customized upskilling programs inspire employees to enhance their existing skills while empowering employers to cost-effectively close the talent gap.

Watch how retrain.ai can help you hire the right people twice as fast.

Responsible AI helps businesses make unbiased decisions.

Our Talent Intelligence Platform is powered by second-generation responsible AI. It combines external data with internal company data, letting you mask key data points to protect against inadvertent biases.

We work with the Responsible Artificial Intelligence Institute (RAII), a leading non-profit building tangible governance tools for trustworthy, safe, and fair artificial intelligence.

Through our membership in the World Economic Forum, retrain.ai is helping to establish the programs that hold companies accountable for their application of AI tools and technologies.

Integrates easily with your existing talent management systems.

Unlike basic HR management software, retrain.ai is a holistic, AI-powered Talent Intelligence engine. The platform is designed to integrate easily with your human capital management (HCM), applicant tracking system (ATS), talent acquisition (TA), learning & development (L&D) platforms and more, so you can capitalize on the value of your internal data. Instead of simply another solution to manage, the retrain.ai platform becomes the brain of your talent management systems, enabling you to take advantage of end-to-end employee data to make more effective decisions for your workforce.

Inject more wisdom into your workforce planning.

Enhance your decision-making and build the workforce of the future with with responsible, AI-driven talent intelligence. Schedule your demo today.