Are you prepared for a new responsible AI landscape?

UPDATE: Local Law 144 will now go into effect on May 6, 2023.


The clock is ticking on the enactment of New York City’s Responsible AI law – now is the time to make sure you have the right tools to thrive in this new normal.


Effective January 1, 2023, New York City will become the first in the country to require bias audits for hiring using AI technologies. Independent auditors will be able to peek behind the curtain to evaluate the efficacy of your automated tools. Based on recent legislative discussion in states like California and Illinois, this coming law won’t be the last Responsible AI law your company is set to face.

Why the need for new legislation?

The stated goal of lawmakers is to ensure automated processes aren’t adversely or disproportionately impacting diversity in your hiring process. This doesn’t mean that companies need to stop using AI. Instead, they must ensure that their automated tools are utilizing AI responsibly.


Responsible AI screens candidates based on capabilities, not on impressive titles, company logos, and honorifics on resumes. In leveraging ethical AI within an HR Tech stack, your hiring process can instead prioritize employees for what they can accomplish and their potential for future success.

Talent Intelligence Platform

Powered by explainable and Responsible AI,’s Talent Intelligence Platform sources, screens and ranks hundreds of CVs in minutes, using the most robust global skills taxonomy available. This combined data powers insights to help enterprises uncover each candidate’s skills and aptitudes, connecting them to in-demand positions where they’ll have room to grow.


Likewise, can track the skills and capabilities of current employees, revealing opportunities for upskilling and internal mobility.

Embrace transparency

The ultimate aim of Responsible AI is to reduce the risk of unintended bias. To understand how this works, and to adjust for accuracy over time, it’s critical to have transparency throughout the process.


Still, many companies rely on what’s called a “black box” approach, where even their own developers can’t explain the logic behind their outputs. leverages a “white box” approach, allowing a fully transparent view of the talent matching process. Our solution provides you with explainable, unbiased hiring and retaining results across the board.

Learn how Responsible AI can transform your hiring process

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