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In an era when disruption impacts every industry, technology moves forward quickly. To attract and retain skilled technology talent,’s AI-driven platform can strengthen the full employee lifecycle.

If you struggle to:

Acquire and retain key talent

Successfully recruiting top technical talent is half the battle; hanging on to those hires in a competitive talent marketplace is an additional challenge. With evolving technical skills among the most in-demand across industries, strategic retention planning is necessary.

Upskill talent’s AI-driven data insights can help you develop personalized learning pathways that give employees the tools they need to learn new and emerging skills. At the same time, HR leaders can develop talent as contributors to an agile workforce, ready to react to rapid change by moving to other roles, projects or gigs

Tech workers change jobs every 2.7 years–much more frequently than workers in other industries.

Source can help you:

Retain your most talented employees

One of the top reasons employees leave jobs is a lack of perceived growth opportunities within their organization. Highly skilled workers want to see a future with their company in which they can develop their capabilities. To keep up with the speed of innovation, companies that proactively provide upskilling guidance are better positioned to keep their best people longer.

Rapidly upskill and reskill your workforce

Personalized learning and development not only helps your employees but keeps your staff up to date on new technologies and related skill sets. You can keep your finger on the pulse of your teams’ abilities and be agile enough to upskill them as needed.

Why choose the Talent Intelligence Platform

Data-driven algorithms built on Responsible AI

Skills Architecture using the most robust taxonomy in the market

Generative AI capabilities

Skills-centric bias mitigation to support DEI

Success for Technology Companies

One enterprise security company improved retention by 30% over the first 6 months of employment.


Vidcast: Keep Your Best People Longer with Opportunities to Thrive

In this session, Co-founder and CEO Dr. Shay David and Chief Research Officer Ben Eubanks of Lighthouse Research discuss how organizations can build a mutually beneficial path forward for valued talent.


Build Stronger Teams

If you want to attract, retain, and reskill talent in the ever-changing tech industry, take a look at our platform.

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