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Together, and its partners will bring responsible AI, equitable workforces and the future of work to today’s enterprises.

Becoming a skills-based organization is the leading goal for today’s enterprise HR leaders. With’s robust Skills Architecture, enterprises are enabled to map the roles for their organization and assess the skills of their employees against current market trends, effectively optimizing and improving their talent management efforts, increasing overall retention, accelerating growth and ensuring productivity.

To become a skills-based organization, establishes a dynamic role catalog for your clients to accurately map the skills required for each job position within the company. Our catalog outlines the core competencies, technical proficiencies, and soft skills needed for each role. HR professionals can in turn effectively collaborate with team leaders and subject matter experts to create a comprehensive and up-to-date catalog. enables HR professionals to have a comprehensive understanding of the skills employees possess, the skills gaps that exist, and the skills needed to drive the company’s success. As a partner of, you can bring prospects and clients into the new future of work.

Our partnership opportunities include:

Technology Integrations is the connecting talent intelligence solutions bringing traditionally disparate hr solutions into one unified platform. We are proud to partner with leading ATS, CRM and HCM platforms in addition to other key HR solutions and offerings.

Referral Partnerships

Working in tandem with a variety of consulting and recruiting partners,’s referral partner program is designed to meet the unique needs of each organization to create a successful and long term partnership. We work together with our partners on co-branded marketing opportunities and outreach for maximized success.

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