Overcome your HR challenges with an AI-driven talent management software platform.

Effective HR management requires balancing your company’s current needs against emerging opportunities—and keeping your employees engaged throughout the process.

How can AI talent management software improve your HR management?

Fill Positions Faster with Skilled, Diverse Candidates

Hire the right people up to twice as fast and keep them significantly longer. Accurate, AI-powered algorithms remove the guesswork from hiring by using skills matching to zero in on best-fit candidates. AI talent management software streamlines the process of finding top, diverse talent while cutting time and cost to hire.

Upskill & Reskill Current Employees

Keep your employees challenged with personalized learning and development opportunities to upskill or reskill. Future-proof your organization with the skills you’ll need for long-term success while keeping talent engaged through customized career path planning.

Identify Skills Gaps

Data-driven talent intelligence helps you uncover skills gaps in your organization; blind spots where your workforce capabilities lack the in-demand skills needed for business success today–and down the road. Actionable data insights help you address current and future gaps by revealing specific areas for new roles or employee upskilling opportunities.

Retain the Right Talent

Employees without a clear roadmap for advancement are statistically more likely to leave. Using our AI talent management software, you can chart each employee’s skills, capabilities and aspirations to map out a career path that fits the goals of both the individual and the enterprise. By actively engaging in planning their road to advancement, you can motivate your key talent to stay with your organization longer.

Map Skills to Future Jobs

As industries evolve, so do the skills needed for business success. In a fast-paced landscape, it’s vital that enterprises watch the horizon, identifying and planning for workforce skills needed in the future. Pulling from 1.5 billion+ data points, retrain.ai’s real-time labor market insights quickly and accurately identify emerging, evolving and expiring jobs, so you can focus on where to hire, reskill, upskill or realign internal teams.

Support DEI Initiatives

Break out of repetitive hiring patterns and use your data to create a more diverse, equitable workplace. Our responsible AI Talent Intelligence Platform supports and accelerates DEI goals by focusing on skills and aptitudes, masking demographic or other information that can introduce unintended bias.

Understand Industry Job Trends

Our real-time labor market insights let you see which skills are increasingly in demand in your industry and which are fading out. Accurate metrics enable you to make data-informed decisions around the skills your organization will eventually need and the upskilling programs that will prepare employees to obtain them.


Use real-time data to power real-time decision-making.

Our sophisticated AI talent management software uses NLP to process massive amounts of information, learning as it goes. Continuously evolving, retrain.ai machine learning models help your company make workforce planning decisions based on facts, not hunches.

  • 1
    Identify Emerging & Future Skills Needs

    with retrain.ai’s Labor Market Insights module

  • 2
    Evaluate the Current Skills at Your Company

    at individual, department and workforce levels

  • 3
    Detect and Quantify Skills Gaps

    using the Work Readiness Index

  • 4
    Match Talent to Opportunities

    to positions, gigs and career pathways

  • 5
    Close the Skills Gap

    with personalized training programs

How we’re helping employers and talent prepare for the future.

Inject more wisdom into your workforce planning.

Enhance your decision-making by letting machines do what they do best: Surface patterns, identify trends and give you a head start on the future.