Find the best talent in banking and finance

Source, screen and hire talent faster with AI-driven skills matching. Zero in on best-fit candidates with the specific capabilities you need.

Skills-map your current workforce. Identify opportunities to upskill, reskill and build better teams to tackle a changing industry.

If you struggle to:

Find specialized talent

Today’s fast-changing world of banking and finance demands new and specific skills–and competition is fierce to find job candidates who have them. Quickly identifying top talent with the capabilities you need can streamline and strengthen your recruiting efforts.


Often, the people you need are already within your organization. AI-driven skills mapping can reveal hidden talent and opportunities to upskill existing technical resources.

Help talent adapt

The banking and finance sector is changing dramatically, increasing the need to pivot or digitize aspects of your organization.


When customer-facing employees are displaced by self-service tools, reskilling and reorienting talent can be the best way to optimize their industry knowledge while keeping them employed. AI-driven talent assessments can uncover potential by identifying skills gaps and recommending learning pathways to bridge them so workers can transition to new roles.

Document skills pathways

Becoming a Skills-Based Organization enables enterprises to make better decisions faster. But without building a comprehensive library of skills, it’s difficult to identify those your workforce has, those it needs, and those that will become more important going forward.


Creating a unified skills language and normalized job descriptions across your organization empowers HR leaders to match open roles to both internal and external candidates while strategizing skills development and succession planning.

Banks faced a 23.4% turnover rate in 2022.

Source can help you:

Transform your teams

Our AI-powered platform helps you design custom upskilling, reskilling, and learning programs to retain and retrain your top talent while spending less on recruitment and hiring.

Uncover the technical talent you need

Using AI-driven data to skills-match employees to best-fit roles means you can easily identify internal resources to upskill or redeploy for new roles or project teams.

Build your Skills Architecture

Our Skills Architecture module builds a framework for your recruitment, hiring, and promotion processes. Breaking down HR function siloes and establishing unified skills language enables you to normalize, validate, analyze and forecast skills for agile workforce planning.

Why choose the Talent Intelligence Platform

Data-driven algorithms built on Responsible AI

Skills Architecture using the most robust taxonomy in the market

Generative AI capabilities

Skills-centric bias mitigation to support DEI

Success for Financial Companies

One large insurance group accelerated training and upskilling by 27%, helping to improve employee retention and productivity.


Webinar: How AI Is Transforming L&D with Upskilling and Reskilling

Three of the foremost revolutionaries in the Learning and Development field as they discuss the current trends, key challenges and future predictions of AI’s impact on workforce Learning and Development.


Build Better Teams

If you want to attract, retain, and reskill talent in the complex finance industry, take a look at our platform.

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