Enlist skilled healthcare talent

In a field where skilled workers are in high demand, accelerating your hiring process can mean reaching potential candidates first. retrain.ai can help you source, screen, hire and develop the skilled workers you need to thrive within today’s rapidly changing healthcare industry.

If you struggle to:

Find qualified healthcare workers

The retrain.ai platform expands your recruiting base so you have more candidates in your talent pool. With a greater influx of candidates, your organization is better positioned to find and hire the skilled workers you need.

Simplify your application process

Some applicants may not have the knowledge or means to create comprehensive resumes, but may have in-demand skills. With retrain.ai, candidates can take self-assessments through a mobile app or apply for jobs via a QR code, ensuring potential talent isn’t lost in the application process.

40% of inpatient RNs say they plan to stop working in direct patient care, and 31% of all nurses plan to.


retrain.ai helps:

Broaden your talent pool and transition workers

retrain.ai reaches passive prospects, turning them into engaged candidates. Our platform can also help transition workers to fill positions via nontraditional avenues, identifying opportunities to upskill along the way or redeploy. Our Talent Intelligence Platform helps reskill applicants to areas of need.

Speed up the hiring process

With retrain.ai you can make it easy for people to apply, creating a seamless process. For positions that don’t require a comprehensive resume, the platform can administer a relevant skills assessment. Simplifying the hiring cycle and opening accessibility for unconventional candidates means you can fill roles more efficiently and effectively.

Why choose the retrain.ai Talent Intelligence Platform

Data-driven algorithms built on Responsible AI

Skills Architecture using the most robust taxonomy in the market

Generative AI capabilities

Skills-centric bias mitigation to support DEI

Integration with current applicant tracking, talent, and LMS tools

Success for Healthcare Companies

A global healthcare group increased the ideal candidate pool and decreased time-to-hire by 55%.


eBook: Josh Bersin Maccabi report

If your organization is interested in skills mapping your workforce and increasing employee engagement with internal mobility planning, let’s talk about how retrain.ai can help you, too.


Build Lasting Teams

If you want to attract, retain, and reskill talent in the demanding healthcare industry, check out our platform.

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