ChatGPT Is Changing the AI Game, But Enterprises Need More

Dr. Shay David
Reading Time: 3 minutes
ChatGPT is changing AI

Chances are you’re one of the millions of people who have played with ChatGPT, the game-changing generative AI assistive technology released by OpenAI. Designed to interact conversationally, the advanced chatbot can engage in dialogue with a user to provide answers, respond to follow-up questions, correct mistakes, and adjust tone and voice when provided with direction. 

A consumer-focused tool, ChatGPT aptly showcases the groundbreaking ability of generative AI to use machine learning to index retrievable content and mimic writing styles. As such, it has prompted a conversation around its possible business uses, garnering opinions from those who see great potential–and those who fear for their jobs. Some even suggest that we are nearing the singularity, or at least seeing for the first time machines that can pass the (in)famous Turing test.

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As leaders in the AI space, we see ChatGPT as an example of a set of tools with the potential to transform business processes. Yet it has notable limitations when viewed through the lens of an enterprise-level solution. There are four main areas in which this differentiation is most apparent:

  1. AI-driven technology designed for business incorporates features optimized for a particular industry., for example, was built from the ground up as a specialized solution for the HR space. As such, our technology expands beyond a ChatGPT-level machine learning model to one which can organize, analyze and structure data precisely enough to inform critical business decisions. We anticipate that in each industry, vertical-specific leaders will emerge who build AI models that are based on industry know-how and language, and are tailored toward specific tasks.
  2. Explainability is another critical feature of specialized AI technologies that you won’t find in a general-purpose chatbot platform. Explainable solutions are referred to as white-box technology, meaning machine learning outcomes, and the methodology which produces them, can be explained using general business-speak. For enterprises trusting generative AI systems with critical decision assistance, this means they have a clear enough understanding to question or challenge the platform’s output. 
  3. Without white-box explainability, an AI system is lacking a key component of Responsible AI, a non-negotiable design element, when it comes to bias prevention in hiring processes. Only by using Responsible AI can an enterprise ensure candidates are being screened solely on skills, eliminating information that can introduce unintended bias. Increasing regulations will also hold enterprises accountable for making sure they are using Responsible AI in hiring practices.
  4. Enterprise-level solutions are implemented to directly impact business performance. They come with contractual assurances like Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to outline vendor expectations and set metrics by which the technology’s effectiveness will be measured. Open platforms like ChatGPT don’t offer performance metrics or customized services, leaving adopters with no recourse should something go wrong. The same is true about data sovereignty, and compliance with privacy standards like GDPR. We anticipate that the big vendors like Microsoft and Google will soon offer enterprise grade service assurances around consumer tools like ChatGPT (or Google’s Lambda), but until that time, the use of consumer tools cannot be relied upon.

The Talent Intelligence Platform uses generative AI with similar language processing technology to ChatGPT’s, but expands on the model to provide a fully explainable enterprise-level solution designed specifically for talent intelligence, while complying with SOC2, GDRP, and offering enterprise grade SLA. We’re excited to see how the market continues to develop and how enterprises transform years old practices with new tools. 

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