Flattening the Unemployment Curve and Redefining the Future of Work

The world has shifted. Is your workforce ready?

Today’s labor market is undergoing drastic upheaval. The shift to remote work and rapid adoption of automation means the skills previously in high demand are quickly becoming obsolete. Employee reskilling and upskilling are essential: but tackling massive workforce change—efficiently and at scale—seems like an impossible task.


Dr. Shay David, CEO of retrain.ai, outlines a pragmatic, data-supported vision for strengthening the workforce of tomorrow, starting now.

Prepare for the Future of Work Today

  • Discover how to overcome the threat of “unemployability”
  • See why hiring for a job title or by education is no longer enough
  • Learn the three foundational strategies for building a future-ready workforce
  • See how artificial intelligence (AI) helps organizations develop existing talent more effectively by identifying the ideal candidate and the ideal skill set for every job