Enterprise HR leaders across industries are embracing the need to become Skills Based Organizations as more employers value experience over academic qualifications. In fact:


A recent SHRM study found that 79% of employers say skills assessments are just as or more important than other hiring criteria.


Continuing a conversation that began at our Responsible HR Forum earlier this year, EPAM Systems Chief Learning Scientist and Global Head of Talent Enablement & Transformation Dr. Sandra Loughlin will join retrain.ai Co-founder Isabelle Bichler-Eliasaf for an upcoming webinar:


SBO 2.0: The Evolution of Skills Based Organizations in 2023 and Beyond


Listen to the discussion for this fireside chat covering topics including:


  • SBO growth over the last six months
  • Regulatory implications of AI-enabled SBO transformation
  • SBO predictions for 2024
  • And more!