Our Solutions

Through automation and AI, retrain.ai helps enterprises win the war for talent, reduce quit rates, increase diversity and boost productivity. To see our solution live, request a demo. 

Talent Management

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Increase internal mobility, reduce attrition, improve D&I and optimize redeployment strategizes.

Our sophisticated matching engine automatically connects the right talent to your open roles and career pathways, by tapping into their skills, capabilities, and aspirations. This enables businesses to reduce attrition and retain the right talent. To see it in action, request a demo. 


Talent Acquisition

Source, engage and hire the right, diverse talent with accurate matching using unbiased algorithms to predict the best-fit candidates for in-demand positions.

Our AI engine computes matching scores for the right and diverse person-job fit using role requirements, skills maps, and dynamic employee profiles, including assessments and productivity data. By generating a ranked pipeline of the most eligible candidates who will succeed, we shorten time and resources to hire, reduce cost per hire and increase acceptance rate. To see it in action, request a demo

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Talent Learning and Development (L&D)

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Provide personalized learning and development pathways to upskill and reskill your organization faster than ever.

Employees advance, enhance and future-proof their skills with access to our vast library of the most reputable enterprise training programs. With customized upskilling programs, enterprises can harness the power of data and AI to close the talent gap. To see it in action, request a demo.

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Skills Mapping and Real-Time Labor Data

Marrying real-time labor data to Talent Acquisition and Talent Management.

We create human capital analytics, demand and supply maps, and clustering against real-time market labor data. At an organization or industry level, we map existing talent and the anatomy of skills. Analyzed against business growth drivers and market trends, we predict emerging jobs and the evolving skills companies need to invest in to future-proof their workforce. To see it in action, request a demo. 

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