Hiring and retaining the right way:

With the impact of the Great Recession, HR is tasked with not only hiring the right candidate but one who is in it for the long haul. The rules have changed in the wake of the pandemic, and it’s no secret that building a durable community requires every hiring and retention advantage possible. The organizational HR teams who are poised for success are those who are willing to adopt responsible AI.

Learn more at the retrain.ai 30-minute speaking session: “Responsible AI: Why It Matters and What HR Leaders Need to Know.”

June 22, 2022, 11:30 am EST

The benefits of AI for hiring

No longer a technology for the future, AI is now a future-proofing technology and the best hiring and retention tool available in the post-pandemic world. AI gives HR the ability to overview and assess the entirety of your organization’s applicant profiles. This allows you to match the right personality and skillset to your team—and build up the skills of your current employees.

However, as organizational HR continues to embrace AI, the technology is becoming further governmentally regulated. A new law in New York city will require companies using AI-driven employment decision systems to submit to bias audits starting January 1st, 2023—and more laws are coming. But this doesn’t mean organizations need to stop using AI: it means that we need to start using AI responsibly.

Why responsible AI?

Responsible AI is more than avoiding back-fitting HR systems to governmental compliance; responsible AI supports HR in hiring the right people by including unintended bias detection and fairness algorithms. Delivering the truth about responsible, human-centered AI is so important to us at retrain.ai that one of our cofounders, Isabelle Bichler-Eliasaf, will be leading our “Responsible AI: Why It Matters and What HR Leaders Need to Know” session. She will walk attendees through the key differences between “black box” AI, whose output process is a mystery even for its techs, versus “white box” AI that provides the model for our Talent Intelligence Platform.

By learning what constitutes and defines the key elements of responsible AI, attendees will leave with the tools they need to better evaluate tech vendors and their platforms.

The benefits for diversity, equity, and inclusion

In this new hiring and retaining landscape, maintaining a vibrant and steady workforce means a genuine commitment to fostering a diverse community. Your responsible AI platform must be able to deemphasize credentialism and replace it with competency-based assessments to ensure a fair process. This makes for both a better hiring process while granting better access to those who have previously been excluded from the process.

What if you can’t attend this session?

Then reach out to us regardless. We want to hear from you to share the work we’re doing and provide you with the insights you need to understand responsible AI. Winning the war for talent takes the right strategy, and we at retrain.ai can help.

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