The 5 Key Strategies for HR Innovators in 2022

HR Innovators Use 5 Key Strategies To Stay Ahead

Facing an unprecedented demand for effective innovation, HR leaders are being pushed to modify, execute and maintain new age approaches to Talent Management, Talent Acquisition, Learning and Development (L&D), Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) and Automation.


At the same time, the Great Resignation, the War for Talent, the Gig Economy and labor shortages have forced a rapid redefinition of best practices in the HR space.


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  • Why career-pathing is your strongest defense against attrition
  • How skills matching enables increased talent retention
  • Why gig workers should be included in L&D
  • How data can feed your DEI strategy
  • Why HR leaders need to be technologists (and who can help them)