The NYC Audit Law and the Future of AI Regulation

Responsible AI regulation is picking up pace. Here’s everything you need to know.

Effective May 6, 2023, New York City will become the first in the country to require bias audits for AI technologies used in the hiring process. Municipalities in several other states are already projected to follow.


With AI regulations quickly taking shape, the time is now for HR leaders to make sure their automated HR tech systems are on track to be compliant. In our latest white paper, COO Isabelle Bichler-Eliasaf walks us through the background, present state and future landscape of Responsible AI, including:


  • The increasing prevalence of AI in hiring
  • The critical link between Responsible AI and DEI goals
  • Escalating regulations around AI-driven HR tech
  • How enterprises can prep now to make sure their AI is compliant
  • Resources to guide HR leaders in evaluating AI systems and vendors