Talent Intelligence Built With Responsible AI

Skills-focused hiring and retention – powered by AI.

Get ahead of the shifting talent landscape by leveraging the power of responsible AI to fuel your journey to becoming a skills-based organization. Use the retrain.ai Talent Intelligence to establish your organization’s current skills architecture and reveal skills you’ll need to stay competitive as the future of work unfolds.

How does retrain.ai fuel skills-based organizations?

Increase in internal mobility
Increase in retention
Improvement in retaining high-performing employees
Improvement in achieving HR business objectives
Reduction in time-to-hire

Breakthrough AI-Powered Talent Intelligence Software

Build your foundation as a skills-based organization

Future-proof your skills-based organization by predicting and preparing for emerging capability needs. Use retrain.ai to create a comprehensive skills architecture to identify skills and gaps in your workforce. Then heat map the two to identify opportunities for upskilling or redeploying employees quickly in response to change.


Hire Smarter - Cut hiring time by 55%

Use generative AI to source, screen and rank candidates in record time and get unbiased, data-driven insights for more strategic hiring. The retrain.ai platform uses the most robust, actionable skills taxonomy on the market. Combine your existing workforce skills data with data from 800+ active and passive candidates to map employees and external candidates to open roles based on skills match.

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Retain Longer - Increase retention by 30%

Keep the right talent longer with personally tailored, auto-generated career pathing. The retrain.ai platform enables an internal talent marketplace using skills data to help employees understand their potential growth within your organization.

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Seamless Integration - Zero rip & replace

The retrain.ai Talent Intelligence Platform seamlessly integrates with your existing human capital management (HCM), applicant tracking system (ATS), talent acquisition (TA), talent management (TM) learning & development (L&D) platforms and more, transforming your HR tech stack into a unified system of intelligence to make more effective workforce decisions.


Extracting Skills from Text: Semantics – Not Keywords – Is the ROI Differentiator

Automatically extracting skills from text documents like CVs and job posts is what enables successful talent mapping between individuals and potential roles. But all methodologies aren’t the same. Discover how generative AI goes beyond basic keyword mapping to reveal an essential driver behind smart HR decision-making: semantics.


Skills-based, data-driven decision-making is within your reach.

Harnessing the limitless processing power of generative AI, we built the retrain.ai platform to optimize organizations’ existing skill sets, fill the gaps of the future skills required, and help decision-makers successfully bridge the gap between the two.


Innovation built on responsible AI.

The retrain.ai platform is built on fully explainable, ethical, generative AI – the first building block in our larger overall commitment to “innovation built on responsible AI.” In May 2023, retrain.ai launched a first-of-its-kind Responsible HR Forum to form a community of stakeholders from the technology, advocacy, government and business sectors. Collectively, we are committed to ethical AI use in HR processes.

Inject more wisdom into your workforce planning.

Build the workforce of the future by becoming a skills-based organization today. Responsible, AI-driven talent intelligence makes the transition seamless. Schedule your demo to see how.