PODCAST: Can Innovation and Regulation Co-Exist? How ChatGPT Sparked the Conversation

Nothing has blown open the generative AI conversation quite like the arrival of ChatGPT. Our final panel of the forum delved into this timely concept, covering everything from the promise of generative AI in terms of greatly improving business processes, as well as the peril it represents in an increasingly regulated innovation space that demands explainability.

Leading this fascinating discussion were YuyingChen-Wynn of Wittingly Ventures and author Art Kleiner of Kleiner Powell International. To hear their conversation with retrain.ai CEO Dr. Shay David, listen to the recording below or watch the session here.

PODCAST: Ready or Not, Regulations are Coming

The New York City AI Audit Law has garnered a lot of attention over the last year as it was drafted, discussed, opened for comments and eventually put into effect. Also called Local Law #144, the new regulation spreads far beyond NYC, impacting any company anywhere that may want to hire employees from within the city. 

Globally, Responsible AI governance is a hot topic as well, as different regions implement specific guidelines that may or may not align with others. Without European Union’s guidelines aligning with the US’s, for example, the issue can get tricky in a global economy. 

In this panel discussion with Commissioner Sonderling, Seyfarth Shaw partner and employment attorney Rob Szyba, Hogan Lovells partner Scott Loughlin, and Littler shareholder Niloy Ray explore the implications of differing approaches to Responsible AI governance.

PODCAST: The Paradox of the HR Mission

Stepping away from the more concrete topics of legal regulations and responsible technology, we dove into the complexities of human capital management from a people-centric perspective with Dr. Anna Tavis of NYU and Dr. Yustina Saleh of The Burning Glass Institute. 

The two women spoke with retrain.ai VP of Marketing Amy DeCicco about the subtle differences between skills, traits and characteristics, and where skills, while valuable, can’t always tell the whole story of a person. Check out a recording of their insightful conversation below or watch the session here


Responsible HR Keynote with Commissioner Keith Sonderling, EEOC

“That’s really the goal of artificial intelligence, and other technologies being used in HR, is to eliminate bias, to eliminate the human element that has plagued the workforce, which is why our [EEOC] laws exist.”

EEOC Commissioner Keith Sonderling kicked off the inaugural Responsible HR Forum by taking a positive view of technology as a chance for employers to proactively advance the EEOC mission rather than defend against infraction.

To hear Commissioner Sonderling’s full conversation with retrain.ai Co-founder and COO Isabelle Bichler-Eliasaf, access the recordings below or watch the full session here

PODCAST: Becoming a Skills-Based Organization – More than a trend?

retrain.ai COO Isabelle Bichler-Eliasaf sits down with panelists Heidi Ramirez Perloff of The Estée Lauder Companies, Dr. Sandra Loughlin of EPAM Systems, Urmi Majithia of Atlassian and Ben Eubanks of Lighthouse Research & Advisory to discuss the nature of skills as a central workforce strategy, and what it means to be an SBO.

Listen below, or watch the session recording here.