Using Data to Inform Talent Strategies and Address Global Workforce Challenges: IBM, Intel and Share Insights

Karen Sackowitz
Reading Time: < 1 minute

When everyone has access to data and analytics, innovation can come from anywhere and go everywhere. In the current era of data abundance, what is the best way for enterprises to harness data innovations to take their business to the next level?

This was the question the Cloudera’s Evolve 2022 event in New York City set out to answer. 

An insightful mix of industry innovators, analytics experts, and data leaders spoke on topics ranging from managing data at scale, to modernizing architecture, to advancing analytics with machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI).’s VP of Marketing, Amy DeCicco, presented alongside Madison West from the Global Corporate Responsibility Office at Intel and Hemanth Manda, Executive Director of Strategic Partnerships for IBM Data & AI. The session was moderated by Aman Kidwai, HR Strategy reporter for Morning Brew. 

The topic, “Using Data to Inform Talent Strategies and Address Global Workforce Challenges,” focused on how companies can use data and technology to guide long-term talent strategies, address the widespread skills gap nearly every industry is experiencing, ensure equitable access to stable career pathways and achieve business objectives.

Their lively conversation covered several key areas, including: 

  • Building a skills architecture as the first step to operationalizing a data-based approach to talent
  • Using AI to identify the right talent, their skills and skills gaps
  • Solving strategy challenges–pay gap, governance–through data
  • Investing in diverse talent and pipeline development with analytics

The conclusion?  People are your greatest asset, using technology, well-designed processes and holding an organization accountable for unbiased hiring and talent management is a key to the future success of any business.