VIDCAST: Sourcing and Screening at a Time of Talent Scarcity

Isabelle Bichler
Reading Time: < 1 minute
Ben Eubanks and Isabelle Bichler speaking at HR Tech 2022

In the wake of the Great Resignation, the war for skilled workers rages on, with more open roles than there are job seekers to fill them. Candidates are willing to wait it out to find best-fit roles, demanding (and receiving) higher compensation, more flexibility, community, and an inclusive culture before accepting a full-time job at a traditional employer.

Meanwhile, an open role represents significant costs for an enterprise through both productivity and financial losses; numbers that only compound with each passing day. To avoid such pitfalls, a long-term strategy is needed to navigate today’s talent shortage. 

In the short term, there are immediate measures HR leaders can put in place to get the right people in the right places quickly. These include sourcing and attracting talent through creative recruitment, broadening the talent pool to include active and passive candidates, looking internally for employee mobility opportunities and focusing on skills-based hiring within all of these channels.

In this session, co-founder and COO Isabelle Bichler-Eliasaf and Chief Research Officer Ben Eubanks of Lighthouse Research discuss how AI can invigorate and expedite the sourcing and screening process to help HR leaders hone in on best-fit, diverse candidates faster. Their conversation covers:

  • The biggest hiring challenges today and how HRs are managing them
  • What factors have caused today’s talent shortage
  • The importance of career-pathing opportunities in attracting talent and keep employees engaged
  • How AI and skills-matching can build a talent marketplace to fuel internal mobility
  • How AI can enhance the human experience at work and strengthen DEI goals
  • What constitutes Responsible AI and how does HR tech balance automation and fairness
  • Ben’s 2023 predictions for HR