Can an AI startup help get 1 million people back to work?

Karen Sackowitz
Reading Time: < 1 minute

This vidcast was originally published by: AlpinaSearch.

Dr Shay David is the CEO at – a startup developing the world’s leading AI talent intelligence platform to unlock talent insights and optimize the hiring, retention, & upskilling of their employees.

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Shay’s previous venture was Kaltura which he took from inception to $100m+ in revenue – Kaltura ipo’d in 2021.

In this vidcast, Shay discusses:

  • why he wanted to build a software venture to address a global societal problem
  • how will solve the generational skills gap & help get 1 million people back to work
  • key tenets of building a successful software startup: customer centricity, data centricity & focusing on the fundamentals
  • why the US is becoming less of a priority for international software ventures